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Do you have rocks in your vitamins?
Synthetics? Industrial chemicals?
98.7% of all supplements do.

At the Natural Health Clinic ours do not! 
The minerals in most supplements are ground

up rocks, petroleum extracts, & coal tar derivatives.

Most vitamins are chemically & industrially

processed with acids & industrial chemicals.

Our herbal products are truly 100% food!

Synthetic vitamins are synthetic chemical isolates made in a lab:
they are created to try and mimic the vitamin benefits that their
natural equivalents
- found in food based vitamins - offer.
But synthetic vitamins only provide isolated or fractionated pieces of
what our herbal food based vitamins have to offer.


Our Exclusive Proprietary Best Sellers



Herb Power 21

Herb Power 21 helps promote the health and wellness of every system and organ in your body. Herb Power 21 also provides multivitamin and mineral support. Therefore, it renders to your body a complex wave of high energy by feeding nutrients to every system and organ in your body. 

The herbs are synergistic working together to create a super energizing formula! Herb Power 21 is 100% food based, making it totally absorbed and completely bio-available!

Herb Power 21 helps to cleanse, balance and feed the body with life-giving nutrients. Herb Power 21 contains all of the known natural vitamins on the planet, plus over 30 essential minerals, amino acids and natural proteins, all in food form.
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Herb Power 21


Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill Benefits
• Feeds nutrition to the ovaries
• Helps stop unwanted hair growth
• Helps inhibit production of testosterone
• Promotes activity of the enzyme aromatase,
   which helps convert testosterone to estrogen
• Synergistic herbs to help normalize pituitary hormones
• Contains phytoestrogens which block androgen (male hormone) receptors

Jack and Jill


Lymph & Blood Cleanser

Lymph & Blood Cleanser Benefits

Helps to eliminate toxins!

Maintains pH in the blood!

Promotes lymphatic drainage!

Stimulates lymph and tissue fluid!

Gives blood abundance of oxygen!

Beneficial for digestion and circulation!

Healthy lymph system crucial to detoxify!

Benefits of Healthy Blood and Lymph System

Strong immune system

Cardiovascular health is promoted

Cleansed and nourished cells in the body

Normal blood pressure can be maintained 
Sexual arousal and erections can occur normally

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Lymph & Blood Cleanser
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Bright Eye Formula

Bright Eye Formula Benefits

Decreases risk of vision loss!

Supports good eye moisture!

Protects against cell damage!

Helps the retina absorb light!

Contains powerful antioxidants!

Aids in repairing age-related eye damage!

Relieves allergy-inflamed tissues and pain!

Good Vision May Result In

*  Seeing true colors     
Seeing loved ones more clearly
*  Reading better   *  Improving night vision  *  Less accidents


Probiotic Super Digestive Enzymes


Super Digestive Enzymes Benefits

Supplies vegan enzymes!

Acts as a natural antibiotic!

Prebiotic fiber food for the probiotic!

Maintains good health and high energy!

Promotes necessary vitamin production!

Limits growth of disease-producing bacteria!

Naturally excretes anemia-causing parasites!

Helps decrease fungus and yeast overgrowth!

Actively digests dietary fats, carbs and protein!

Foods highly processed or cooked at high temperatures destroy most food enzymes. Hence, the typical American diet is generally enzyme-deficient, which puts stress on the human body causing many health problems. This formula contains foods naturally high in proteolytic enzymes to aid digestion by helping break down dietary proteins such as meat, eggs and fish into smaller fragments called amino acids. Also, these enzymes help excrete parasites, viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Aloe alone contains 8 enzymes. Some enzymes reduce inflammation, others help break down sugars and fats. Enzymes in ginger and beet offer even more.

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Probiotic Super Digestive Enzymes


Estrogen Blocker Cell Defender

Estrogen Blocker Cell Defender Benefits

Found to inhibit BCL2 gene activity!

Reduces fatty tissue for weight loss!

Numerous immune-fighting substances!

Helps nutrients cross blood-brain barrier!

Helps to oxygenate all vital organs and cells!

Attacks unhealthy cells that mimic healthy cells!

Activates P53 protein, a tumor-suppressor gene!

PEITC: Stops energy producing of ill-boding cells!

High Estrogen Levels May Lead To

* Constant fatigue Increased breast tissue
* Enlarged prostate Stroke Heart disease 
* Increased fatty tissue Loss of muscle tone
* Loss of sexual performance Risk of blood clots

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Estrogen Blocker Cell Defender



Many people today have joint complaints including various forms of arthritis, rheumatism, lupus, fibromyalgia. There are many products intended to help such people. But most of these products are NOT 100% food based.
Most products for bone & Joint health often do not contain all the nutrient factors needed for optimal joint health.
At The Natural Health Clinic, we believe that nutritional supplementation should be food based, which is why we came up with 100% food based Bone-Joint.

Some benefits may include

* Positively affect arthritis
* Reduces pain and inflammation
* Wound-healer and bone-knitter
* Relieves uric acid & gout build up

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B - Complex

Health Benefits of B-Complex

Better nutrient assimilation & probiotics!

Supports cardiovascular health!

Vital for neurological function!

Contains superfood rice bran!

Boosts energy metabolism!

Causes your stress to rest!

We live in a high stress society. Not only do we live and work in unnatural environments, our foods are filled with chemicals, which was unheard of 100 years ago. Until recently, no person ever consumed synthesized vitamins. Should B vitamin formulas be primarily synthetic substances which can add stress to the body? We think not! Our B-Complex is food for the body to handle stress for people.

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Super Herbal Body Cleanse

Super Herbal Body Cleanse cleanses colon the lymph system and organs, helps improves constipation and digestive system to be more effective, promotes weight loss, improves blood circulation, sleep better, boost energy, maintains pH balance in blood.

These days Our bodies face immense detoxification challenges in modern society. Super Herbal Body Cleanse may help improve your body's overall health and wellness. Our body cleanse maintains regularity and prevents constipation; causes the digestive system to be more effective; promotes weight loss.

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Super Herbal Body Cleanse

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  For Women Only

The two greatest symptoms affecting American women today are Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Menopause.

For Women Only is a specially formulated synergistic blend of 13 herbs. These herbs help promote the health and wellness of women of all stages and ages. 

Herbal traditions and studies show that these herbs help support and restore balancing of female hormones. 

For Women Only is 100% food based, making it totally bio-available and absorb-able.

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For Women Only

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Cleansing Salve

Cleansing Salve is a synergistic formula of natural ingredients that cleanses the lymphatic system and removes toxins.

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Cleansing Salve

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Dynamic Hair-Skin and Nails

√ Helps hair to be shiny, smooth and silky
√ Provides good elasticity to skin and hair
√ Grows hair strong minimizing breakage
√ Helps skin be smooth to the touch
√ Removes discoloration from nails
√ Maintains nail thickness

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Dynamic Hair-Skin and Nails-Flier

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Calm By Nature

Supports a calm, confident, restful mood! Calm by Nature is a specially formulated synergistic blend of quality herbs and nutrients that promote a calm mood and positive outlook. 

This product helps support rest, restore and replenish the nerves and adrenals, improving your body?s response to stress.


Some benefits may include

* Promotes relaxation
* Relieves insomnia, fatigue
* Rejuvenates nerves & relieves stress
* Aids in normalizing blood pressure
* Increases mental & physical stamina


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Calm By Nature
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Advanced Pressure Plus

This herbal product is formulated to support healthy blood pressure and protects against nitrite oxide degradation. This helps support healthy blood vessels that regulate arterial

health which maintains overall cardiovascular health. 

Helps give healthy support to the special group of cells that have the ability to generate electrical activity.  Helps prevent coronary blockage, carrying blood and oxygen within the heart muscle.

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Advanced Pressure Plus

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Sugar Support

√  Helps control appetite
√  Balances glucose in the body
√ Helps suppress sugar cravings
√ Contains natural insulin and iodine
√ Provides wide range of micronutrients
 √ Maintains blood glucose concentrations

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Sugar Support-Flier

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Think Smart

As we grow older, memory loss and poor concentration challenge everyone. Think Smart formula contains a high quality herbal base that was specifically formulated to assist people dealing with these challenges.

Think Smart is a synergistic proprietary blend of natural ingredients formulated to positively influence brain health.

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Think Smart
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Aller Defense-Lung Support

√ Supports lung health
√ Prevents mucus build up
√ Supports healthy sinuses
√ Contains real antioxidants
√ Helps relieves allergy symptoms
√ Provides mold and pollen defense

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Aller Defense-Lung Support-Flier

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Thyroid Support

√ Helps balance thyroid
√ Balances hormonal levels
√ Helps regulate our metabolism
√ Helps maintain ideal body weight
√ Supports optimal thyroid function
√ Helps boost energy levels naturally
√ Aids in producing and storing hormones

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Thyroid Support-Flier

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Herbal Blood Builder - Complete Iron Chef

√ Bioflavonoids enhance iron absorption

√ Helps feed blood, nerves, and muscles

√ High in immune-boosting vitamin C

√ Renders iron in food form

√ Naturally defeats fatigue

√ Non-constipating

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√ Helps manage diabetes
√ Formation of collagen, heals wounds
√ Boosts immunity, digestion, cognition
√ Prevents onset of age-related diseases
√ High in vitamins, minerals and nutrients
√ Promotes healthy cartilage, bones, teeth
What is Acerola? Acerola is a shrub or small tree that bears a delicious cherry-like fruit, which is why you usually hear the term “acerola cherry” rather than just acerola. It thrives in the warm climates of Central America. As the fruit matures, it develops into bright red cherries. It contains over 150 phytonutrients and is one of the richest sources of vitamin C on the planet. In fact, it far surpasses oranges in vitamin C potency! Vitamin C helps fight infections, strengthens the immune system, prevents blood clots, regenerates damaged skin tissues, and builds collagen.

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History *

This mushroom is the most widely cultivated mushroom in the world. The Chinese were the first to cultivate this mildly fragrant mushroom hundreds of years ago. This mushroom may live hundreds of years or

die in a few months, depending on its available food supply. As long as nourishment is available and temperature and moisture are suitable,

a mushroom will produce a new crop each year.

Traditional Uses *

It is considered a medicinal mushroom in some forms of traditional medicine. For instance, in Japan and China the chemicals found in shiitakes have been analyzed for medicinal properties. Extracts have been used to

prolong life, kill viruses, and improve circulation.

Description *

Shiitakes produce vitamin D2 upon exposure to ultraviolet B (UVB) rays

from sunlight or broadband UVB fluorescent tubes.The shiitake has a

medium-sized, umbrella-shaped, tan to brown cap. The edges of the cap

roll inwards. The caps have a soft, spongy texture. The underside and stems

are white. Shiitakes grow in groups on the decaying wood of deciduous

trees, particularly shii, chestnut, oak, maple, beech, sweet gum, and poplar.

It is found wild in the mountainous regions of China, Japan, Indonesia, and

Taiwan. It is not found wild in the United States or elsewhere


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Magnesium Complex


Magnesium is one of the most abundant minerals from the crust of the

earth. But, up to 80% of Americans are magnesium deficient...Are You?

Magnesium is the TRAFFIC COP of the vitamin, herbal and food world,

which says, Go here or there to ALL nutrients.

Rx Factor for magnesium deficiency: One of the leading researchers on magnesium deficiency found that many of the side effects of drugs are actually symptoms of magnesium deficiency. The drugs either

increased the demand for magnesium in the body, or they depleted magnesium in the body. 

According to the Physician’s Desk Reference

these common drugs can create a magnesium deficiency:

• Insulin • Digitalis • Birth control pills

• Cortisone • Tetracycline and other antibiotics

• Common diuretics and cardiac drugs


Early signs of magnesium deficiency include chronic constipation,

headaches and migraines, insulin resistance, PMS, leg cramps, muscle

twitches, tremors, muscle spasms, loss of muscle strength, personality

changes, anorexia, nausea, and vomiting. Plus, if there’s no magnesium,

then calcium builds up in the cells causing angina, arrhythmia, asthma,

hypertension and headaches.

Magnesium Complex

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Alkaline water 


Diatomaceous Earth

√ Multi-Use - Humans, Pets, Livestock
√ Organic Home & Garden Insect Control
√ Improves Bone, Joint & Ligament Health
√ Colon Cleanse - Parasite Control - Detox
√ 100% Food Grade - Safe to Eat - Non-Toxic
√ Helps Purify Water - Protects Stored Grains
√ Helps Clean & Protect Hair, Skin, Nails & Teeth

Everyone loves the fact that DE is totally drug and chemical free! Not only is DE safe to use, bugs cannot become immune to it as they do with chemicals. DE kills insects by scratching off their waxy protective coating causing them to dehydrate. Most insects die in an hour or so.

Many people take food grade DE every day. You might ask, How can something that kills bugs be good for people? Remember, DE kills bugs by scratching them—no chemicals are involved. For people, DE is a source of available silica. Silica is a major mineral we all need that is lacking in our foodstuffs today. A general recommendation: 1 tablespoon of DE per day in juice, water, applesauce, yogurt, protein shake or liquid of choice Hundreds of feedback testimonials! This is what people are saying: • Sore joints feel better • Lowers cholesterol levels (usually 50-75 points lower) • Lowers blood pressure levels • Stabilizes blood sugar levels • More energy • Healthier skin–softer, less itching, faster healing, psoriasis gone • Stronger and healthier nails and hair • Calms nerves and better sleep • Aids in weight loss • Detoxifies • Cleanses digestive tract of parasites