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The 21st Century Wellness Center 
Home of Herb Power 21®-Our Registered Trademark 

Neuromuscular Therapy, Iridology, Cell Analysis, 
Hair Analysis, Weight-Loss,  Healthy food Parties.

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Demonstration:  Raw Chef Joseph will be demonstrating the Blendtec Wildside Blender, showing the powerful capabilities. He will be sharing some special recipes, keeping the pulp within the juice and still smooth enough to drink! He will be making his famous fruit smoothie recipe for everyone to sample!

Teaching: Dr. Faith will be sharing about the wellness benefits of Herb Power 21

Admission: Free

Atmosphere: Come to a warm and relaxing setting, and enjoy Kaye's humorous jokes, and share some laughs and smiles!

Location: 2001 W Kenosha, Broken Arrow OK 74012 

Tasting Samples: Unique juicing concepts and amazing Alkaline water!

We Will Play Fun Educating Games: The winners will receive exciting prizes!

Discounts: There will be a discount on supplements, herbs, and vitamins for those that attend.


 Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT)


Guest Teacher and Speaker

When: Coming Soon.

Admission:  $15.00

Rhythmic Movement Training

With all the news reports about how our children are struggling with ADD/ADHD, it’s no wonder adults are starting to realize that they are struggling with the same problem. Many have tried drugs, only to find it wasn’t a good fit for them, or they are still looking for a better solution. Rhythmic Movement Training is the inexpensive, drug-free solution. There’s no equipment to buy, no special clothes to wear, and you can do the exercises in your own home or even on the road. In just fifteen minutes a day, you will start building new neural pathways that allow all the parts of your brain to communicate better with each other.

Typically, we meet with you at our facility or your home for a two-hour assessment. You will define your priorities and we will identify the ways we can help you accomplish your goal most effectively with the use of the tools we will teach you. Depending on your goals and needs, we’ll meet with you once a week or once every two weeks while you start the program. As you progress, appointments can be scheduled to meet your needs.

For adults with simple ADD/ADHD challenges, they will start seeing improvements in just two weeks! Most will be symptom-free in just 90 days. If additional brain issues are identified, such as a lack of rhythm or coordination, clients continue doing the movements daily for up to a year.

Building new neural pathways is very similar to building muscles: you have to do many repetitions in order to build the pathways and build the insulating myelin sheath that insulates the nerve fibers. Fortunately, RMT makes it fast, easy, and simple.

RMT is based on the developmental movements that infants make in their first year. Dr. Harald Blomberg, a Swedish psychiatrist, developed RMT over 25 years ago and has been using it successfully to treat people with learning disabilities and developmental disabilities in Europe ever since.

If you’ve seen a baby in a crib, you have probably seen them doing little rocking, rhythmic movements. Those movements are hard-wired into the baby’s brain (primitive reflexes) and are essential for healthy brain development. By using similar movements at a later age, kids and adults can build new neural pathways or nerve nets in their brains, increasing the speed and efficiency of their brain.

All babies are born with primitive reflexes. Primitive reflexes are what make a baby begin to raise its head, roll over, put things in its mouth, rock on its hands and knees, crawl, and eventually walk. Sometimes babies skip one of these developmental milestones, causing problems later in life. RMT was developed to help people overcome these problems and live life to the fullest.

Testimony: Karen of Tulsa, OK, talks about how Rhythmic Movement Training, RMT, has helped his son succeed in school and in life. His son's school suggested that he wasn't doing well enough to progress to 6th grade and that his parents might want to find him a new school. Karen and her husband, hired Rhythmic Movement Training consultant to work with their son. After just three months, their son went back to his school in 6th grade.

Now his teachers say he is a model student and can't figure out why they thought he wouldn't be able to succeed in 7th grade. their son has gained physical coordination, social skills, ability to relate to other kids and adults, core muscle strength, and raised his grades to A's and B's. "He's now excelling in school!"

Rhythmic Movement Training has been successfully used to overcome such issues as:

Hypersensitivity or Under-Sensitivity to Stimulus
Underdeveloped Motor or Learning Skills
Constant Feelings of Overwhelm
Auditory Processing Disorders
Sensory Integration Disorders
Speech & Reading Difficulties
Vision and Hearing Problems
Psychological Challenges
Developmental Delay
Behavior Challenges
Learning Challenges
Postural Imbalances
Lack of Confidence
Poor Coordination
Balance Problems
Extreme Shyness
Math Difficulties

Cerebral Palsy
Bed wetting


Admission: $15.00 per family or $5.00 per person

 Faster EFT - Your Emotional Toolbox

Speaker: Dr. Julie Albath

Date: Coming Soon !

Stress: Learn how to reduce stress, control your emotional responses, and conquer your emotional eating for good. We all know it, yet we all experience it differently.

Get ready for a new self by putting new tools into your emotional toolbox.  We know that feelings can drive us into un-wise food choices. These feelings are based on painful experiences in our past. Learn how to let go of that pain and enjoy a more peaceful life.

You will learn how feelings are created and how to get control over that process. You will have plenty of opportunity to practice your new skills. Bring a list of things that make healthy eating difficult!  Bring a list of negative experiences that keep you from the joy and peace in life! (May this keep private.)

Be empowered to change how you internally represent your past and become open to new possibilities for your future. This naturally creates a positive affect in the quality of your life NOW.

Your new tools may address virtually anything including but not limited to:
Release of Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem, Fears, Phobias, Creative Blocks, Weight, Depression, Grief & Loss, Cravings, Headache, Relationship Problems, Insomnia, Bad Habits, Disease, Allergy, Pain, Fatigue, Trauma Addictions.
Improve: Weight Control, Energy, Performance, Sleep & Relaxation, Immune System.

Admission: $15.00

Get ready for a new you!

Hands Of Massage Therapy Workshop

When: (Watch For Next Date)

Fun Games: Winners will receive prizes!

Learn massage techniques to help relieve the pain of the ones you love, your wife, husband, and even children.

Lessons - Learn how to massage with our Basic Strokes, Advanced Strokes and Specific Routines for the arms, hands, abdomen, back, glutes, legs, feet, shoulders, neck, face & scalp.

Easy step-by-step massage technique instruction - Detailed instruction from a professional therapist and instructor for each technique and body part. For example, we’ll show you a specific back massage routine that you can follow and learn that will leave your loved ones feeling better. We’ll show you how to take the basic techniques and by combining them with different speeds and pressure, you can generate different effects.

Admission: $10.00 per person


Seven Steps To Wellness

(Watch For Next Date)

Teaching: Teaching on how to effectively cleanse the body!

Speaker: Dr. Faith will be sharing her special 7-step protocol.

Fun Games: Winners will receive prizes!


Feel Great Your Health Is Your Wealth

Holistic Chiropractor Care

Date: Coming Soon
Guest S
Will be teaching on the importance of Chiropractic Care!
Games: Winners will receive prizes!

C O M I N G     S O O N




The  Most  Educational,  Eye  Opening,

Information Ever Told !

A hands-on seminar revealing secrets !

Unknown even by most doctors !

                             Session 1
              *Our Mineral-Depleted Food Chain !
                    *Death begins in the Colon !
                        *Water and blood pH !

                        * Candida Self Test !
                                     * Parasite Self Test !          


Session 2

* Your Blood--A Hologram of Your Consciousness !
* Free Radicals--The Two-Edged Sword !

* You Don't Have a Drug Deficiency !
*Dumping Your Stored Proteins !
The Electron Shuffle !
Digestion and pH !
Zeta Potential !



              Session 3
             Learn How the State of Your Individual Health
             is Spiritually and Vibrationally Induced !
            Chemically and Electrically Driven !
            and Biologically Carried Out !


             Session 4
                 The Lymphatic System
    Our Tree of Life

 Seating is Limited
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