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Green Vegetable Alkalizer



*Supports alkalization

* Detoxifying weight management

* Source of vegetables and fiber

* A natural cleanser


Green Vegetable Alkalizer is a 100% vegetarian Food supplement that is intended to supply 100% Food green alkalizing plants. Chlorophyll naturally contains vitamin K. Green plants naturally contain chlorophyll, potassium, phosphorus, and other nutrients. Green vegetables are considered to be a natural cleanser for the digestive system and naturally contain nutrients that protect against free radicals.


100% Pure Whole Food Supplements.


No Synthetics

No Toxins




90 Capsules

100% Food Nutrients

Vegetarian Formula

Dietary Supplement


Suggested use: 2-9 capsules per meal or as recommended by your health care professional. Adjust usage according to nutritional lifestyle requirements.

While almost everyone knows that they are to eat three or more servings of vegetables and two or more servings of fruit every day, less than 10% of Americans actually do so. For years, we at Doctors' Research have offered a true fruit product (C Complex), yet we have never offered a green vegetable product, until now. Green Vegetable Alkalizer is a high quality, enzyme-containing mixture of green vegetables and concentrates.

Green Vegetable Alkalizer is a 100% Food vegan supplement that is intended to supply 100% Food green alkalizing plants. Chlorophyll naturally contains vitamin K. Green plants naturally contain chlorophyll, potassium, phosphorus, and other nutrients. Green vegetables are considered to be a natural cleanser for the digestive system and naturally contain nutrients that protect against free radicals.

Green vegetables are nutrient-dense foods. In addition to improving vegetable consumption and pH issues, the main reason people consume green vegetables products is for increased energy, digestive concerns, and increased well being. It should be noted that it is only the consumption of vegetables and fruits, but not isolated USP vitamins, that has been shown to reduce the risk of major diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancers, Alzheimer"s, and diabetes.

Additionally, the consumption of GREEN VEGETABLES has been correlated with a significantly decreased risk of developing endometriosis [1]. On a related note, another study found that women with ovarian cysts had "less frequent consumption of green vegetables" whereas high intake of green vegetables seems to have a protective effect" [2]. Another study concluded, "Women with uterine myomas reported "less frequent consumption of green vegetables" [3].

Men may wish to note that consumption of green vegetables is specifically correlated with decrease risks of prostate cancer [4]. "There are many biologically plausible reasons why consumption of plant foods might slow or prevent the appearance of cancer. These include the presence in plant foods of such potentially anticarcinogenic substances as carotenoids, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, dietary fibre (and its components), dithiolthiones, isothiocyanates, indoles, phenols, protease inhibitors, allium compounds, plant sterols, and limonene" [5]. Green Vegetable Alkalizer can be considered an excellent alkalizer. Since many people are too acidic, this can help them become more balanced (note: some with certain conditions, such forms of Candidiasis or Aspergillus need to be more acidic [6], hence for them, an acidifying product such as Digesti-Pan may be more useful until they obtain a proper pH balance). Interestingly, since Digesti-Pan tends to acidify the stomach, while Green Vegetable Alkalizer tends to alkalize the bowels, these products are frequently clinically useful together.

Green Vegetable Alkalizer is not a drug. It is a 100% vegan supplement containing the following Foods:

Alfalfa Leaf Medicago sativa is a Food source of vitamins and trace minerals [7]. Alfalfa is often used by herbalists for people with urinary tract infections, constipation, water retention and arthritis. Alfalfa is often used by women because its alkaloids (stachydrine and l-homo-stachydrine) possess emmenagogue and lactogenic properties [8].

Barley Grass Hordeum vulgare L . is a highly alkalizing Food [9]. Barley grass also contains a variety of antioxidant substances, including something called "Natural S.O.D." which is also able to scavenge reactive oxygen species [10-11]. "Research at the University of California Davis has demonstrated that a flavonoid in barley grass known as 2-0-glycosylisovitexin (2-0-GIV) is a potent antioxidant which is more powerful than other antioxidants in protecting against fat oxidation (lipid peroxidation) in human cells" [12]. "Barley grass is high in calcium, iron, all the essential amino acids, chlorophyll, flavonoids, vitamin B12, vitamin C, and many minerals, plus enzymes. This food helps heal the stomach, duodenal, and colon disorders as well as pancreatitis, and is an effective anti-inflammatory" [13].

Celery Seed Apium graveolens is an alkalizing food [14]. "Folk medicine use of celery" are used as a diuretic, for regulating the bowels, for glandular stimulation, rheumatic complaints, gout, gallstones, and kidney stones" [15].

Chlorophyll is essentially plant blood, with magnesium instead of iron. "Chlorophyll is a cyclic tetrapyrolle, similar in structure to the heme group of globins" [15]. Chlorophyll is "useful in reducing urinary and fecal odor in some circumstances" [15]. Plant chlorophyll is better than the semi-synthetic forms (like chlorophyllin), as one study concluded, "inhibition of the heme-induced colonic cytotoxicity and epithelial cell turnover is specific for natural chlorophyll and cannot be mimicked by water-soluble chlorophyllins" [16]. All the green vegetables in Green Vegetable Alkalizer contain chlorophyll.

Parsley Leaf Petroselinum crispum is also considered to be an alkalizer. "The herb is used for flushing the efferent urinary tract and for the prevention of kidney gravel" [15]. It has mild diuretic properties [15], and is sometimes used as a breath freshener [13]. Parsley leaf, like all the green foods in Green Vegetable Alkalizer, is an excellent source of Food potassium [17].

Plant enzymes are helpful in many cases of indigestion. Contains active enzymes that have been carefully processed to be acid-stabilized so that they can help not only digest foods, but aid in helping maintain a more alkaline balance. Specifically, contains amylase (digests carbohydrates), cellulase (digests cellulose), invertase (digests sucrose), lipase (digests fats), lactase (digests lactose), maltase (digests maltose), and two different proteases (helps digest differing types of proteins) [8].

Spinach leaf Spinacia oleracea is a strong alkalizer [14]. "Spinach preparations are used for ailments and complaints of the gastrointestinal tract, to stimulate growth in children, as an appetite stimulant, for fatigue, and for supporting convalescence" [18]. One study concluded, "Increased consumption of green vegetables in the diet has been associated with protection against carcinogenic effects and related mutagenic and clastogenic (chromosome breaking) activity of genotoxic agents. Chlorophyll, present in all green plant parts, has been suggested to be a major protective factor in the process. We have, however, observed that while a crude aqueous extract of Indian spinach leaf significantly reduced genotoxic effects, chlorophyll alone was ineffective" [19].

Spirulina Spirulina spp . is a highly akalizing Food [9]. It is a type of blue-green algae [18]. Many consider spirulina to be a "super food" because it is so nutrient-dense. "Spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass"are referred to as "green foods." "Spirulina has putative antiviral, hypocholesterolemic, antioxidant, hepatoprotective, antiallergic and immune-modulating activities" [18].

Watercress Nasturtium officinale is an alkalizing food [14]. "Watercress has antibiotic, antitumoral, and diuretic actions" [18].

Wheat Grass Triticum aestivum is a highly akalizing Food [9]. It has long been used to re-invigorate health, and for other complaints of fatigue [20].

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